Sweet OSCAR speech!

86th Annual Academy Awards - ShowCelebrity Matthew McConaughey has another huge fan – myself.  He deserves the two thumbs up for his acceptance speech more than the role he won the OSCAR for!  Our world is in dire need of great role models and people who are advocates of living life to the fullest, dreaming big and having gratitude and thankfulness while on this journey called life. Matthew expressed that his achievements came because of God, his wife and children and having a hero to look up to.  I love the fact that he didn’t list off 50 people in under 30 seconds who worked with him on set or talk about the designer that made his suit.  He used his time wisely and gave his credit to the people that mattered most.  I remember how hard, yet exciting it was to live in Hollywood for a decade and some of the stories I’ve had with fellow cast members and crew will forever be with me.  I remember working on a TV series starring Heather Graham wearing my abstinence shirt and sparking up some pretty interesting conversations with some crew members.

There were and still are actors and actresses walking around Hollywood who do refrain from sex, drugs and alcohol.  Even though the latest magazines show another celeb entering a rehab, there are a lot of people working in LA who are very talented and are not falling into this trap.  Have I made mistakes in my dating years, yes, who hasn’t, but I love sharing with our next generation that it’s so important to have role models that will help you get somewhere successful in life.

Last night, Matthew McConaughey told us first-hand that he won the best actor award for his role in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club,” because of God, his wife, his mother and late father who told him that hard work pays off and the importance of respecting others.

If you missed Matthew’s acceptance speech check it out here from the Hollywood Reporter.

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