_MG_3174bHollywood is trying to brainwash our kids.  Well…not if I can help it!

Today’s entertainment is influencing how people look, think and behave and that influence is the strongest on our impressionable kids.  I’ve got 4 kids 6 and under.  I don’t have time to chit chat about the best looking diaper bag on the market or the latest diet fads.  

We’ve got little time to make a huge difference in our children’s lives.  I’m all about helping you get the latest tips and tools to keep your kids safe online – all the time.

As a former actress, I have seen first-hand what takes place in Hollywood once the lights are down and cameras are turned off.  My mission is to share that knowledge and equip you on how you can have a positive relationship with today’s pop culture.  Let’s face it, unless we are missionaries living in a jungle in Zimbabwe, Africa, our kids are going to be tech savvy and know more about the latest fads than we do.  So I’m going to give it my all to help parents and teens learn how to be safe in this mass media world we live in today.

Whether through this weekly blog, pod casting, radio show or live presentations, my goal is to help open the gates of communication between parents and kids and help you know what’s in and what’s safe. Period. Join me in this quest of creating world-changers…

Tina’s speaking reel.