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Madonna’s Powerful Parenting Tips

madonna family
For those of us 30 and over, our early memories of Madonna were that of provocative lyrics and revealing costumes.  We all remember Madonna as the over-the-top sex symbol that, if we were honest, most of us wanted to imitate. When I was a teen, my mom would discuss with me

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From Big Screen to Sunscreen

A young friend of mine came over several months ago and told me she watched her favorite film 39 times that month.  I thought she was joking, but after repeating multiple lines from the movie, I obviously knew she wasn’t.  I recall seeing the movie “Titanic” twice in the theaters (for the

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Are you ready for prime time?

zayn lighting up from one direction
Instead of blasting One Direction regarding their absurd pot smoking video clip, I wanted to focus on how they even got to this point to begin with.  How does a boy band becoming famous virtually over night on UK’s X-factor handle becoming celebrities without going haywire like James Dean back in the

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Vacuum Packed Model Madness

I think I’ve seen it all and yet once again, I find my jaw hitting the ground with this discovery.  I have done my fair share of runway modeling in LA and NY.  From strutting down the catwalk in bridal wedding gowns to revealing the upcoming Miss America pageant dresses…yet,

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No feet? No problem!

amy purdy
I tear up every time I see Amy Purdy on the dance floor!  How in the world does a person dance the quick step without any feet?  She makes me realize my problems are petty compared to what she’s had to overcome in her short lifetime.  When Amy was just

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