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Sweet OSCAR speech!

86th Annual Academy Awards - Show
Celebrity Matthew McConaughey has another huge fan – myself.  He deserves the two thumbs up for his acceptance speech more than the role he won the OSCAR for!  Our world is in dire need of great role models and people who are advocates of living life to the fullest, dreaming

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Moving past your mistakes…

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be married to myself. My husband Luke is married to a motivational speaker who loves to talk. A blessing and curse all at the same time. In the past week we have had some great conversations about looking at the positives

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Cyrus Virus

In with the new…out with the old. That means Miley should be watching the ball drop at Times Square from a television set at a rehab facility NOT performing on stage live for the Rockin Eve party seconds before the infamous countdown! It didn’t surprise me that her new music

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Sexy Sean skips the sex!

I was ecstatic when I saw this magazine’s headline at Walmart last week! Knowing how the entertainment industry likes to polk fun at anyone NOT having sex, this was very refreshing! Sean has had some time in the hot tub with different women in this year’s Bachelor saga series along

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