_MG_3174bHollywood is trying to brainwash our kids.  Well…not if I can help it!

Today’s entertainment is influencing how people look, think and behave and that influence is the strongest on our impressionable kids.  I’ve got 4 kids 6 and under.  I only have a short time to make a huge impact on my four little world-changers. And I know you feel the same.

My goal is to help you raise strong, bold leaders of tomorrow in a culture which more often then not, promotes a message that would stifle your top priority.

As a former actress, I have seen first-hand what takes place in Hollywood once the lights are down and cameras are turned off.  I want to share all this inside information with you…for the sake of our kids. Truth about celebrities life-styles will be revealed, personal stories of what I’ve learned and heard while working with top stars in the industry, media pressures to fit in and the way today’s pop culture influences our beliefs and behaviors will be just some of the main points covered on this site.

Let’s face it, unless we are missionaries living in an African jungle, our kids are going to be way more tech savvy than we are. Therefore, I think it’s pertinent that we keep up to date on the latest apps, fads and how to safe-guard our kids in this media mess we are living in. There is hope! There is help! Let’s join forces!

Whether through this weekly blog, pod casting, radio show or live presentations, my goal is to expose the lies of pop culture and open the gates of communication between parents and kids. Together we can make wise choices in life that will help us succeed and fully live out our mission and purpose. Each day we have a choice on what we listen to and watch. The power resides in that choice that we make.


Tina’s speaking reel.